All Terrain Crane Simulator

The advanced physics and graphics used in GlobalSim’s All Terrain simulator provides unrivaled realism. Train your operators for specific challenges such
as certification courses or stressful emergency situations that would be impractical or dangerous to recreate using live equipment.

With several platforms to choose from and the option to have interchangeable control consoles, GlobalSim provides a training solution for the All Terrain crane.

All Terrain Crane Simulator Model Details:
  • -Capacity: 60 USt
    -Main boom: 26 ft – 108 ft
    -Maximum jib: 13 ft
    -Position triggers: 3
    -Compatible with all of GlobalSim’s hardware platforms designed to match any budget
    -4k high resolution visual system
    -Optional virtual reality (VR) headset providing full 360 views and depth perception
  • -Full-featured student station with real controls matching the actual equipment
    -Motion system providing correct cues for advanced training
    -Instructor station application for monitoring and controlling training sessions
    -Scenario editor for creating an unlimited number of new exercises
    -Training Management System for storing performance records and evaluating improvement
    -After Action Review Application for training session feedback
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