Volle Mission

The Industry Standard for a Premium Level Simulator

GlobalSim’s most popular simulator over the last decade. The Full Mission is a premium level system that is a favorite among training centers across the globe – particularly those that provide instruction for STS and RTG crane operators. The simulator is 3/4 enclosed and provides minimal distractions for trainees. Additionally if features a wide range of standard features, including GlobalSim’s VR Mode and Coordination Tester.

The simulator is built on a proprietary 3 DOF motion platform and includes a configurable chair and control module. The system is designed to accommodate most crane models and heavy equipment model types.

A fully integrated instructor station is included and typically set up immediately adjacent to the simulator. The instructor station offers a wide range of features including a student database, after action review, environmental controls, scenario editor, and much more.


  • 3/4 enclosed cabin with up to 8 high-definition displays

  • Built on a proprietary 3 DOF motion platform

  • Konfigurierbarer Bedienerstuhl und Bedienelemente

  • System can accommodate most crane model or heavy equipment models

  • Touchscreen-Anzeigen (in der Kabine)

  • Virtual Reality-Modus und Koordinationstestsystem enthalten

  • Instructor Station mit 3 hochauflösenden Displays.

  • Integrierte Studentendatenbank

  • Überprüfung nach der Aktion

  • Bedienfeld mit Umgebungseinstellungen

  • Fehler- und Störungsmodul

  • Drohnenansicht mit sofortiger Wiedergabe (Joystick enthalten)

  • Druckbare und herunterladbare Berichte (Farbdrucker enthalten)

  • Mit dem Szenario-Editor-Modul kann der Administrator Szenarien hinzufügen, bearbeiten oder löschen

  • Keine technische Unterstützung oder Kosten zum Ändern von Szenarien / Lektionen

  • Train-the-Trainer-Training

  • Herstellergarantie

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