Manufacturing Simulators for Port Cranes and Equipment for over 20 years

Port cranes and equipment are some of the largest and potentially most dangerous cranes in the world to operate. For over 20 years, GlobalSim has invested and developed the best port crane simulators in the industry.

Today our simulators can be found in dozens of countries on 6 continents. From New York to New Zealand, to the worlds largest crane simulator located in Casablanca, Morocco, our simulators provide uber-realistic training scenarios where operators can practice and learn in a risk-free environment.

Most ports place a significant emphasis on realism. The GlobalSim Advanced and GlobalSim Full Mission simulators are ideal for ports that train on STS cranes, RTG cranes, Straddle Carriers, and more. Both of these larger systems feature an enclosed full cabin design and motion base that provides a high level of accuracy and realism. GlobalSim’s Essential simulator offers a configurable setup and is an exceptional mid-range offering.

Seeing is believing! Contact GlobalSim to arrange a visit to our head office or to demonstrate one of our many systems located across the globe.

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