Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTG)

GlobalSim Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTG) Software Model

The GlobalSim RTG crane model simulates the actual RTG behaviors and characteristics allowing the crane operator to gantry and operate the crane anywhere in the yard. Features include full crane dynamic model, collision model, and visual models based on various crane configurations.

Next to the STS Crane, the RTG is one of GlobalSim’s most popular software models and is loaded on GlobalSim crane simulators in ports and training schools throughout the world. 

GlobalSim has a number of RTG models available that vary depending upon the manufacturer of the original equipment and the size and features of the crane model. 


  • RTG crane (1-over-5-high, 6-wide plus one truck lane) configuration

  • Load capacity: 73 metric tons

  • Beam height: 19.6 m

  • Backreach: .55 m

  • Outreach 18.25 m

  • Variable (instructor controlled) hoisting capacity up to 50 tons

  • Hoisting height – 18 m

  • Variable (instructor controlled) trolley speed

  • Variable (instructor controlled) gantry speed

  • Variable (instructor controlled) collision thresholds

  • Ability to move and operate crane anywhere in the yard

  • Appropriate ground markings for proper container placement based on standard arena layout

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