Ship Pedestal Crane Military

GlobalSim Ship Pedestal Crane (Military) Software Model

The Ship Pedestal crane for military application is one of GlobalSim’s most popular software models. The crane is used to deploy and recover the Side Port Ramp on an military vessel. The Ship Pedestal model includes both single and dual cranes.

The military arena has a variety of loads available. Operators can practice retrieving items and loading them onto and off of vessels in a variety of environments.

Fully compatible with all of our available simulator platforms, the model provides exceptional realism in both VR environments and on a traditional simulators. If configured in a Full Mission, or Advanced simulator model, operators feel accurate motion cues to simulator various sea states.


  • Operate fore or aft pedestal

  • Simulate student in either left or right crane

  • Single or twin crane booms

  • Dynamics to simulate ship movement up to “sea state 3”

  • Anti-collision system to prevent booms from colliding

  • Instructor controlled hand signals to facilitate “blind” operations

  • Maximum working radius 26 meters

  • Minimum working radius 3.7 meters

  • Maximum load twin lift 48 tons, single lift 16 tons

  • Separate hardware control modules

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