crane simulator

The GlobalSim Portable simulator is ideal for any organization which has a desire to travel with a simulator, whether for an exhibition, to train or screen operators at off-site locations, or for any other purpose.

Designed with convenience in mind, the entire system quickly packs up into a specially designed case for easy transportation via car, train, or air. The portable system unpacks in a matter of minutes and includes a projector screen which can be used in virtually any office environment. The system can also be used with a traditional flat-screen display, connecting via HDMI.

The GlobalSim portable includes our standard software suite and Instructor Station which allows the trainer to change environmental conditions and modify scenarios.

Software Models Configured With The Portable System:
  • -Ship Pedestal
    -Mobile Lattice
    -Tower Crane
    -All Terrain Crane
  • -Rough Terrain Crane
    -Overhead Bridge Crane (cabin)
    -Overhead Crane (Pendant / Belly Box)
    -Hydraulic Telescopic
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