Essential Plus

Mid-Range Simulator Renowned for Quality and Configurability

The Essential is GlobalSim’s mid-level simulator used by organizations across the world to train operators on a wide variety of cranes and heavy equipment.

The Essential system features authentic controls and is configured with 1 – 5 displays. It offers a significant amount of realism compared to a desktop system as the trainee is positioned in an actual operators chair an enhanced field-of-view. The simulator is designed to work in an office environment and is a more affordable solution than our premium level simulators.

The flexible setup allows for the addition of a 3 DOF motion base (optional feature) and VR mode can be integrated as well for an enhanced experience. .

The Essential system can be used to simulate MOST of the available software models. Instructor Station, student database, drone view, and scenario editor are all included (even in the basic setup) for the Essential. VR Mode and Motion System are optional.


  • Open air configuration with 1 – 5 HD displays

  • Configurable operator chair and controls

  • System can accommodate MOST available software models

  • Touch screen panel displays

  • Optional 3 DOF motion platform

  • Optional Virtual Reality (VR) Mode

  • Optional Coordination Test System

  • Instructor Station with 2 high-definition displays.

  • Integrated Student Database

  • After-Action Review

  • Control panel with environmental settings

  • Fault and malfunctions module

  • Drone View with instant playback (joystick included)

  • Printable and downloadable reports (color printer included)

  • Scenario editor module allows admin to add, edit, or delete scenarios

  • No technical assistance or costs to modify scenarios / lessons

  • Train-the-Trainer Training

  • Manufacturers Warranty

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