crane simulator

Our engineers have developed state-of-the-art VR training simulators featuring the HTC Vive or Oculus headset and real equipment controls.  GlobalSim’s cutting edge VR simulation platform offers a training experience with superb realism at an affordable price when compared to traditional simulator systems.

The GlobalSim VR Premium simulator allows for a completely immersive experience. Just as with our traditional simulator systems, the GlobalSim VR Premium platform enhances an experienced or novice operator’s skill where they can become familiar with the actual equipment they will use in the workplace.

The VR Simulator can be purchased as a standalone training system or as a bundled, multiple unit package (volume discounts are available).  The flexibility of GlobalSim’s software platform can allow for multiple users to work simultaneously within the same arena.  GlobalSim’s motion base can be included on the VR platform.

Software Models Configured With The VR System:
  • -Ship Pedestal
    -Straddle Carrier
    -Reach Stacker
    -RoRo Operations
    -Container Handler
    -Atlas II Telehandler Forklift
    -MMV Telehandler Forklift
    -Front Loader
  • -Dozer
    -Mobile Lattice
    -Tower Crane
    -All Terrain Crane
    -Rough Terrain Crane
    -Overhead Bridge Crane (cabin)
    -Overhead Crane (Pendant / Belly Box)
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