Crane Operator Training Simulator: Why Is It Important to Overall Training?

A Well-Trained Crane Operator

Precision and safety are cornerstones of crane operations worldwide. This is no less true as devices become more technologically advanced, with both in-booth and remote devices available. Several training solutions exist, but each needs to offer a high level of experience to engender trust in those who hire based on their results.

This is where simulators come in. They can offer a holistic understanding of what it means to start up such a large piece of machinery. Read on to learn how a crane operator training simulator can do this. By the end, you will understand what makes them so important, especially in comparison to other forms of training.

A Full Range of Motion-Based Training Options

Simulators offer a wide range of different training options you would not be able to recreate in reality. These include offering the use of many different crane types, as well as environments where you could not create a safe training scenario. With a diversity of options, trainees can have a much more robust experience, allowing them to adapt to many different conditions. 

Simulation systems also allow for reconfiguration to match specific training needs. If a specific lesson must be taught about RORO operations or a forklift, the simulator can configured to create the lesson.

Combined with VR technology and a moving crane cabin, the immersive nature of these simulators is even more enhanced. People will feel what it is like to be in a crane high in the air without the need to take them there.

Simulation Training as a Safe Alternative

Simulators are also a risk-free option. They allow people to fail, which is where many of the most important lessons can come from.

You can even use a simulator to show in real-time what would happen were someone to perform a task incorrectly. This then reduces risk-taking behavior as the operator will know the full repercussions of doing the wrong thing already.

If an employee has made a mistake in the past, sometimes you may need to retrain them. Using a simulator allows you to do this without needing to put them back behind a piece of machinery.

Training managers are also able to analyze an individual’s skills in real-time. This can give you advice on where the person needs to learn more, offering personal training steps that ensure the best understanding.

Transition from Simulator to Real-World Experiences

Physical recreations of cranes offer the ability to feel what it is like in a real crane. Machine operators can experience a full understanding of their role, down to the physical sensation. With advancements in high-fidelity graphics, the separation between what it is like to be in a simulation and a real crane gets smaller every day. 

Hiring a Professional Crane Operator Training Simulator

As you can see, engaging with a simulated environment does not detract from the interaction one would get with a real piece of machinery. Its many benefits far outweigh any perceived issues with a virtual experience. So, it might be time for you to try out a crane operator training simulator for yourself.

GlobalSim offers simulators that create a vast array of different experiences. We’ve developed simulation models from four different industries in collaboration with industry experts. So, connect with us to find out how we can get your company the operations training it can’t receive elsewhere.