GlobalSim Announces Release of Cloud-based Crane Training Simulator

GlobalSim is pleased to announce the release of a new entry-level simulator called the Cloud. The product is a unique subscription-based offering making simulator training more accessible and affordable. GlobalSim’s Cloud includes 10 different crane models with more to be added in the future.

The Cloud simulator can be accessed online, and customers can run the software on their own computer. Customers can also purchase GlobalSim’s Intro Kit, an optimal out-of-the-box option, including preloaded software, a performance computer, Meta VR headset, and controls.

“We’re excited about this product because it makes simulation training available for organizations anytime, anywhere,” says Jonathan McCurdy, GlobalSim’s CEO. “The value is incredible—you can train on many different equipment types. It also includes GlobalSim’s Scenario Editor where users can create an unlimited number of custom training lessons.”

The following crane models are included with the Cloud simulator subscription:

Grúa todoterreno
Lattice Boom Crawler Crane
Grúa torre
Carry Deck Crane
Grúa puente aérea
Grúa puente de cabina lateral
Grúa puente con cabina de carro
Ship-to-Shore Crane
Rubber-Tyred-Gantry Crane
Grúa de pedestal de barco

GlobalSim’s Cloud simulator is an ideal training tool for both small and large organizations which have equipment operators that are practicing for certification.

The Cloud simulator works with any high-definition display but is ideally used with a VR headset. “There’s a lot of unique functionality available when you use GlobalSim’s Cloud simulator in VR mode,” says McCurdy. “The realism and depth perception are excellent.”

The Cloud is available for purchase by inquiring at and is currently priced at $3,500 for an annual subscription. GlobalSim’s Intro Kit and other add-ons are also available at an additional cost, including premium joysticks and belly box controllers.

Acerca de Global Sim
GlobalSim, Inc. es una empresa propiedad de los empleados que se especializa en el desarrollo y la fabricación de simuladores de alta gama. Ampliamente reconocido en todo el mundo como proveedor líder de simuladores de grúas, GlobalSim se centra en el desarrollo de sistemas de formación para los mercados portuario, de la construcción, industrial y militar.