GlobalSim Introduces Crane Simulation Training Center at Vietnam Conference

GlobalSim Introduces Crane Simulation Training Center at Vietnam Conference

On September 21, 2023, GlobalSim joined with its Vietnam partner Huynh Thy as the main sponsor at the Vietnam Seaports Association’s (VPA) annual conference in Vung Tau City, Vietnam.  

GlobalSim Vice President Brad Ball, along with executives from Huynh Thy Trading Services Company successfully introduced the Huynh Thy Crane Simulation Training Center (HSTC).  The training center includes a newly installed GlobalSim フルミッションクレーンシミュレーター.- the first of its kind on Vietnam and one of the most technologically advanced crane simulators in Asia. 

The system was built by GlobalSim with customizations specific for the Vietnamese market. It resides at the new Huynh Thy training center located a short distance from major ports in Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau City.  

At HSTC, students undergo training and gain experience in:

  • The world’s most advanced simulation technology (Full-mission Simulator).
  • Internationally accredited training curriculum provided by two strategic partners, Mitsui E&S (Japan) with 100 years of experience in container crane design and manufacturing, and GlobalSim (USA). 

“We’re excited for the future of crane training here in Vietnam” remarked Brad Ball, GlobalSim’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Here at the conference, we had a great opportunity to introduce our new system and invite delegates from all around Vietnam to see the system and demonstrate how it can be used to properly train crane operators.” 

GlobalSim、Inc. は、ハイエンド シミュレータの開発と製造を専門とする従業員所有の会社です。クレーン シミュレータの大手プロバイダーとして世界中で広く認められている GlobalSim は、港湾、建設、産業、軍事市場向けのトレーニング システムの開発に注力しています。

Huynh Thy Trading Services Company (HTC)
HTC は、産業、工場、ロジスティクス、建設から、港湾やクリーン燃料技術などに至るまで、幅広い分野とアプリケーション向けの生産性ソリューションの大手プロバイダーです。ベトナムの港湾および物流産業をより環境に優しく安全にすると同時に、生産性を最大化するソリューション。