GlobalSim 为希腊雅典的比雷埃夫斯大学构建模拟器。

全球模拟 很高兴地宣布,它最近与 比雷埃夫斯大学 in Athens, Greece to provide simulators for a training and research center. The University will be receiving two GlobalSim simulators – a Full Mission simulator and a smaller system designed to train RoRo operators. The Full Mission simulator heading to Piraeus will have interchangeable functionality to train equipment operators on Ship-to-Shore Cranes, Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes, Straddle Carriers, Container Handlers, and Forklifts.  The system includes a proprietary motion base that will provide accurate full-cab motion and haptics specific to each crane model. Additionally, the Full Mission system will be equipped with a Varjo XR-3 mixed reality headset delivering photorealistic visuals to students as they train and practice on the system. The smaller RoRo system also features virtual reality and includes a built-in curriculum designed to train drivers. GlobalSim Vice President of Sales, Brad Ball, was recently in Greece to finalize details of the project:  “Our team is excited to deliver these simulators to University of Piraeus. We’ve been collaborating with the University for a couple of years and these simulators represent not only an achievement for the University and GlobalSim, but also the beginning of a new era as the training and curriculum on these systems are game changers”. Ball continues, “the systems that are being constructed for Greece are loaded with technology and new features that will provide super-realistic training in a safe environment.” Professor Maria Boile of the University of Piraeus leads the project for University of Piraeus and was instrumental in helping to research and bring the simulators to Piraeus. She remarks: “We are delighted that after several months of intensive research and collaboration with the industry, and following a successful bid to the Public Investment Program, we now have the opportunity to bring world class training equipment to Piraeus.” She adds “new trends and developments, including the technological advancement and the digital transformation of the ports, freight transport and the logistics industry exert increasing pressures for training and re-training of the workforce. The new systems provided by GlobalSim will enhance our capability to support workforce training and provide technical and scientific support to companies and institutions. It will broaden and deepen our understanding and enhance our research activity on human – machine interaction.” Both GlobalSim simulators are currently being constructed and tested at GlobalSim headquarters near Salt Lake City, UT. They are scheduled for final testing and installation in early 2022. 关于 GlobalSim: GlobalSim, Inc. 是一家专门开发和制造高端模拟器的员工所有制公司。作为全球公认的起重机模拟器领先供应商,GlobalSim 专注于为港口、建筑、工业和军事市场开发培训系统。 关于比雷埃夫斯大学: 比雷埃夫斯大学是一所公立大学,也是希腊领先的学术机构之一。它成立于1938年,当时是“工业研究学院”。今天,通过其学术单位,它在经济学、商业和国际研究、海事和工业研究、金融和统计、信息和通信技术领域提供教学、研究和服务。