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Industries We Serve


For over 20 years, GlobalSim has invested and developed the best port crane simulators in the industry.

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Armed Forces rely on our simulators to train personnel where they can be observed and monitored in a safe environment.

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GlobalSim offers a wide array of construction simulators for organizations looking to train equipment operators. Construction trainers use our simulators to supplement on-equipment training.

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GlobalSim’s bridge crane simulator offers trainees an opportunity to practice operations in a risk-free environment. Organizations can assess operator skills and provide refresher training.

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Our Clients Around the World

Frans Caljé
CEO, PD Ports, United Kingdom

Huynh Hien
Director, HTC Training Center, Vietnam

Virginia Perez
Training Coordinator, WGMA

Perry Schmoll
Instructor | Fort Eustis, Virginia

News & Media

GlobalSim and MEA Complete Major Upgrade for 3 Training Simulators

GlobalSim and Maritime Employers Association (MEA) based in Montréal, Québec, Canada announce a major upgrade [...]

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Enhancing Port Crane Operator Training with Cutting-Edge Simulators

Explore how and why ports use advanced crane simulators to train their operators on STS, [...]

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Embarking on a Career as a Crane Operator: A Guide to Success

If you've ever wondered how to become a crane operator, we have a short article [...]

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GlobalSim Announces Release of Cloud-based Crane Training Simulator

The GlobalSim Cloud simulator is a desktop solution that includes 10 different crane models and [...]

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GlobalSim Contracts to Provide Multiple Simulators in Latin America

GlobalSim had a successful showing at TOC Europe then delivered a new Full Mission simulator [...]

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Crane Operator Training Simulator: Why Is It Important to Overall Training?

Using a crane operator training simulator is essential to overall training. Learn why you need [...]

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From Levers to Pixels: The Evolution of Crane Simulators

Let’s take a journey through the history of crane simulators, from their humble beginnings to [...]

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New VR Overhead Crane Integration with Meta Quest 3

GlobalSim has integrated the Meta Quest 3 into its simulator training module for overhead cranes.

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GlobalSim Introduces Crane Simulation Training Center at Vietnam Conference

GlobalSim successfully introduced the Huynh Thy Crane Simulation Training Center (HSTC). The training center includes [...]

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