Full Mission Simulator to be demonstrated at TOC Europe Conference

GlobalSim is excited to announce it will be demonstrating a Full Mission simulator at the TOC Europe Conference scheduled to be held June 14-16 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. “We have never taken a Full Mission System to a TOC conference  – this is a signifant milestone for us.” says Brad Ball, GlobalSim’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “The Full Mission system is a premium-level simulator – it’s the gold standard for the port industry. But, the system is large and difficult to transport. It’s not something we would typically demonstrate at a European trade show – we’ve never done it, and we’ve never seen our competitors demonstrate anything similar.” says Ball.

The TOC Europe conference returns after a two-year absence due to the COVID pandemic. The event brings together thousands of port decision-makers, policy experts, solution-providers and more. Mr. Ball continues “I think this will be a great opportunity for people to see and demonstrate a full-cabin simulator. Many of those in attendance may have never seen a crane simulator with a full-cabin motion base in an enclose environment. They may not even have know that such a simulator exists for STS cranes, RTG Cranes and Straddle Carriers.”

GlobalSim regularly attends the TOC Europe Conference. This year the timing of the exhibition occurs the week before a new system is scheduled to be installed by GlobalSim at the OCHA training center in Antwerp, Belgium.  “The timing is fortunate – it allows our team to demonstrate the system at the TOC conference before testing and commissing the simulator in Antwerp.” says Ball. GlobalSim has an increasing number of clients in Europe. Along with the OCHA training center in Antwerp, Belgium, GlobalSim Full Mission systems can be found in Le Havre, France; Duisburg, Germany; Felixstowe, England; and soon to be delivered to Athens, Greece.

Parties interested in demonstrating the Full Mission simulator at the TOC Europe conference should contact Brad Ball: brad.ball@globalsim.com