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GlobalSim Straddle Carrier Software Model

The Straddle Carrier simulator is a real-time, single or multi-channel simulator that provides operator training for use in port terminals and intermodal yards that are used for stacking and moving ISO standard containers.

The primary features of the Straddle Carrier consist of a Kalmar three-high Straddle Carrier with the front mounted, side facing cabin. It operates in a custom arena that has a quay area with an autonomous STS crane, a large container stacking area, and a truck loading and unloading area.


  • 3-high Straddle Carrier
  • Transverse cab
  • Top speed
  • Eight tires
  • Diesel engine
  • 40-ton hoisting capacity
  • 3-high cube (9.5-foot-tall) containers
  • Hoisting speed is proportional to the load weight
  • Simultaneous hoisting and driving
  • Physical indication on the spreader corners when twistlocks lock or unlock
  • Lamp indication on the right control console for twistlocks in position
  • Twistlocks open or twistlocks closed
  • Height indication light bar

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