Coordinator Tester

The Coordination Tester is a portable system that can be easily set up at a desk. Included in the system are two foot pedals, two hand switches, a test light box, and a touchscreen laptop.

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Easily test Hand-Eye-Foot Coordination Skills

GlobalSim’s Coordination Tester helps training facilities around the world to effectively test the hand-eye-foot coordination skills of individuals. Many of our customers use the Coordination Tester to screen candidates before training on GlobalSim simulators.

How it Works

The administrator begins the test and runs the candidate through a fast paced curriculum. The candidate responds to different light sequences generated by the software by using both the foot pedals and hand switches.

Once complete, the administrator receives scoring and data they can use to evaluate the candidate.


  • Touchscreen laptop loaded with GlobalSim’s coordination testing software
  • Test light box
  • 2 Foot pedals
  • 2 Hand switches
  • Custom heavy-duty travel case
  • Instructional start-up video
  • Setup time is approximately 5 minutes
  • Easy to administer test
  • Automated scoring
  • Objective test results
  • Exportable applicant records
  • Total weight is under 15kg / 30 lbs.
  • Meets baggage requirements for most airlines

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