Training for Ro-Ro Drivers

The GlobalSim RoRo simulator is designed to help train novice drivers in a RoRo environment. Many of the basics can be learned in a controlled setting so novice drivers can become familiar with the procedures before they begin driving actual vehicles onto a vessel.

GlobalSim has collaborated with organizations that train RoRo drivers to create the simulator and the software scenariors. The RoRo system has a specialized setup to mimic various different types of vehicle. Dozens of short scenarios are presented to the driver in sequence to help teach skills and protocols that are common in a RoRo setting.

Operators learn hand signals and driving practices and routines in a classroom environment before attempting to complete the tasks in a real-life setting where safety and efficiency are critical.

The simulator uses virtual reality technology which provides exceptional realism. Students also have the option train without a VR headset instead of using the flat panel display that’s built onto the simulator.


  • Drive onto a vessel in inclement weather

  • Drive on the right with a manual or an automatic transmission

  • Correctly follow hand signals

  • Follow car in a row in a Larger vehicle

  • Practice difficult parking scenarios

  • Practice procedures to follow if a vehicle has a flat tire

  • Park on the top level with low ceiling height

  • Procedures to follow when selecting a vehicle

  • Vehicle selection scenario

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