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About GlobalSim

GlobalSim, Inc. is an employee-owned company that specializes in developing and manufacturing high-end simulators for equipment operators. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, our team of engineers have been building simulators for training organizations since the early 1990’s.  Today we are widely recognized throughout the world as the leading provider of crane simulators.

Our company is focused on state-of-the-art simulator systems for the port, construction, and military markets.  We build simulators that are designed to train equipment operators on equipment familiarization and safety awareness.  From portable units and virtual reality systems to some of the largest crane simulators in the world, GlobalSim, Inc. provides cutting-edge simulator systems built to suit our clients needs.

Client Testimonials

West Gulf Maritime Association

“The simulators have given us the ability to put the operators in a situation where they normally wouldn’t be in a training environment.”

Luis A. Ayala Colón

“One of the features the simulator has is that you can create and edit any type of controlled environment. One can also choose any type of situation, any type of failure, and any type of environment.”

New York Shipping Association

“They main thing they want to teach here is swing. We can set it to as stiff as we want or as loose as we want. Where we have it set now, according to the operators, is very realistic.”

OCHA Training Center

“On a crane simulator, the crane operators are learning by mistakes that won’t cost us equipment damage.”

“We have a long relationship and very satisfied with our service with GlobalSim.”

Montreal Employers Association

“We wanted to create our own scenarios – that’s the main thing we were looking for.”

“When the engineering team came in, I was really surprised by their professionalism.”

Fort Eustiss Training Center

“Simulation is important for training the soldiers because it gives them a real feel for the equipment prior to them getting into it.”

“We find that having one company to work with has been benificial.”


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