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The Essential is GlobalSim’s mid-level simulator used by organizations across the world to train operators on a wide variety of cranes and heavy equipment.

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Mid-Range Simulator Renowned for Quality and Configurability

The Essential system features authentic controls and is configured with 1 – 5 displays. It offers a significant amount of realism compared to a desktop system as the trainee is positioned in an actual operators chair an enhanced field-of-view. The simulator is designed to work in an office environment and is a more affordable solution than our premium level simulators.


  • Open air configuration with 1 – 5 HD displays
  • Configurable operator chair and controls
  • System can accommodate MOST available software models
  • Touch screen panel displays
  • Optional 3 DOF motion platform
  • Optional Virtual Reality (VR) Mode
  • Optional Coordination Test System
  • Instructor Station with 2 high-definition displays.
  • Integrated Student Database
  • After-Action Review
  • Control panel with environmental settings
  • Fault and malfunctions module
  • Drone View with instant playback (joystick included)
  • Printable and downloadable reports (color printer included)
  • Scenario editor module allows admin to add, edit, or delete scenarios
  • No technical assistance or costs to modify scenarios / lessons
  • Train-the-Trainer Training
  • Manufacturers Warranty

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