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A desktop simulator featuring multiple crane models bundled onto one system. The cloud can be downloaded or purchased with an INTRO KIT with the software preloaded. 

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A mid-level system with authentic controls and various configuration options. The Essential can be set up with a single display or as many as five displays. Optional features include Motion base and VR.

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Our flagship simulator provides an immersive training experience and features an enclosed cabin on a 6 DOF motion platform with authentic controls and VR functionality.

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Full Mission

A premium simulator that includes a full cabin on a robust 3 DOF motion base. Designed for high-level simulation training with authentic controls and VR functionality.

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Coordination Tester

The Coordination tester is a standalone system designed to test the natural abilities of equipment operators before they begin training.

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RoRo Simulator

A simulator with built-in VR capability designed to train RoRo drivers. Configurable with one or multiple units controlled by a single instructor station.

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Remote Control

A standalone simulator designed to train STS and RTG operators on remote control systems. Includes an Instructor Station with scenario editor.

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