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GlobalSim offers bridge crane training for automotive, steel, storage, mining, port, etc.

Utilizing our simulators, trainees can practice and learn how to operate cranes without interrupting production, risking safety, or putting unnecessary wear-and-tear on expensive machinery. Virtual obstacle courses provide training efficiency over the real world as students practice for exams and certification. GlobalSim models are designed to be used with a Virtual Reality (VR) headset but can also operate without VR on traditional displays.

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Simulation Systems for Industrial & Manufacturing

GlobalSim’s bridge crane simulator offers trainees an opportunity to practice operations in a risk-free environment. Organizations can assess operator skills provide refresher training on required regulations and skills. Cab and floor operated cranes are available including real world situations and loads tailored to various industrial and manufacturing sectors. The cranes can be configured to closely match your environment. Our software team consults with product experts and equipment operators to develop accurate simulator models.

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