Atlas II
Telehandler Forklift

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GlobalSim Atlas II Telehandler Forklift Software Model

Training centers are able to train their operators for specific challenges such as certification courses or stressful emergency situations that would be impractical or dangerous to recreate using live equipment.

The All Terrain Lifter Army System simulator uses the actual ATLAS II seat and controls. The motion system provides true-to-life motions and control loading on the steering wheel replicates actual feel during training.


  • Boom assembly weight: 5,165 lb. (2343 kg)
  • Max boom lift angle: 45 degrees
  • Roading (both carriages): 33,500 lb.
  • Max height: 102 in. (2591 mm)
  • Actual ATLAS II seat and controls
  • 4K high resolution visual system
  • Full-featured student station with real controls matching the actual equipment
  • Control loading on the steering wheel replicates actual feel during training
  • Motion system providing correct cues for advanced training
  • Instructor station application for monitoring and controlling training sessions
  • Scenario editor for creating an unlimited number of new exercises

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