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GlobalSim Container Handler Software Model

Instructors configure custom training scenarios and control the simulator environment experienced by the student operator. This enables students to master specific performance objectives based on individual training needs.

The GlobalSim container handler simulator is modeled in various equipment manufacturers, a full container handler with a 40 metric ton capacity. The FC Handler can stack containers up to five high.


  • Hydraulic lift under the cab enables the cab to tilt a total of 25 degrees
  • Front two hydraulics tilt of lifting mechanism (mast) adjustment ten degrees
  • Six tires rotate to simulator driving
  • Rear steering with turning radius WI/Wa:975/8000 mm.
  • Steering tires maximum angle is approximately 75 degrees
  • Rotation hydraulics can be operated independently
  • Spreader movement has seven hydraulic pistons (four for tilt)
  • Two for rotation; and one for side shift
  • Spreader can change width between 20 and 40 feet.
  • Extension of each side is independent
  • Spreader has ability to side shift ten inches—five inches to each side from center
  • Steering tires maximum angle is approximately 75 degrees
  • Machine lights—front and rear work lights, brake lights
  • Turn signal lights, headlights, and twistlock indicator lights

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