GlobalSim Dozer Software Model

GlobalSim’s dozer model simulates the moving of material, enhancing a student’s ability to learn skills in less time, at a lower cost than training on the actual equipment.

Our dozer model offers a distinctive design, smooth shifting, and automatic 4-speed transmission. Students and operators of all experience levels can achieve optimal productivity and efficiency without managing gear shifts.

Students receive quality training using our factory-integrated equipment and controls. An optional motion base enhances the training with realistic movement.


  • Engine capacity: 258 horse power

  • Blade capacity: 8.98 cubic yard

  • Other attachments: winch and ripper

  • Virtual Reality (VR) headset providing full 360 views and depth perception

  • Full-featured student station with real controls matching the actual equipment

  • 4k high resolution visual system

  • Optional motion system providing correct cues for advanced training

  • Instructor station application for monitoring and controlling training sessions

  • Scenario editor for creating an unlimited number of new exercises

  • Training Management System for storing performance

  • Records and evaluating improvement

  • After Action Review Application for training session feedback

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