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GlobalSim Excavator (Military) Software Model

The Excavator simulator enables students gain real, transferable skills with custom training scenarios. The Excavator is compatible with all of GlobalSim’s hardware platforms shown below designed to match any budget.

The GlobalSim excavator allows operators to train for specific challenges such as certification courses or stressful emergency situations that would be impractical or dangerous to recreate using live equipment.


  • Simulation using authentic controls
  • Lift capacity: 16,877 lb.
  • Digging Depth: 24 ft.
  • Horizontal bucket reach: 30 ft.
  • Heavy duty bucket capacity: 1.5 sq. yd.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) headset providing full 360 views and depth perception
  • Full-featured student station with real controls matching the actual equipment
  • 4k high resolution visual system
  • Optional motion system providing correct cues for advanced training
  • Instructor station application for monitoring and controlling training sessions
  • Scenario editor for creating an unlimited number of new exercises

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