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GlobalSim Intermodal RMG Software Model

The RMG crane is used for stacking containers within the stacking yards of a container terminal.

The crane model simulates a Rail-Mounted-Gantry crane, and the arena can be customized to the client’s stacking yard. The GlobalSim RMG simulator is modeled after various equipment manufacturers.


  • RMG double-cantilevered container stacking crane
  • RMG hardware control consoles
  • Current crane specifications
  • Variable (instructor controlled) hoisting capacity up to 50 tons
  • Variable (instructor controlled) trolley speed
  • Based on RMG double-cantilevered container stacking crane
  • Variable (instructor controlled) gantry speed
  • Variable (instructor controlled) collision thresholds
  • Steer near/steer far capability by twisting left joystick
  • Appropriate ground markings for proper container placement
  • Fully-articulated spreader with moveable flippers

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