Mobile Harbor Crane

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GlobalSim Mobile Harbor Crane Software Model

The GlobalSim Mobile Harbor Crane simulator has allowed the operator the ability to drive the crane and lift loads anywhere along the quay and perform load and unload operations both on dock and below deck.

The mobile harbor crane makes it easy for operators of all experience levels to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency without having to manage gear shifts.


  • Simulation of authentic equipment
  • Multiple load types
  • Controls to center mass
  • Bulk and General Cargo Capabilities
  • Fully articulating pyramidal telescopic container spreader
  • Ability to control 4 flippers individually or collectively
  • Fully articulated hook attachment with rotation capability
  • Fully articulated clam shell grab (mechanical bucket with cables)
  • Crane levelling using four (4) stabilizing legs
  • Functionality driven by interactive controls screen
  • Alarm / fault indicators
  • Realistic mechanical sounds

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