Overhead Bridge Crane

GlobalSim Overhead Crane Software Model

GlobalSim’s Industrial Overhead Crane is developed with performance metrics matching real cranes. The crane uses a belly box controller in an industrial / warehouse setting.

The Overhead Bridge crane delivers an effective, hands-on training program that uses VR (virtual reality) with high-quality visual modeling and authentic hardware controls (belly box) for advanced realism.

The Overhead crane is typically delivered as part of GlobalSim’s INTRO simulator with built in scenarios and lessons designed to teach operators the core functionality of the overhead crane in a manufacturing / industrial setting.


  • Simulation using authentic controls

  • Virtual Reality (VR) headset providing full 360 views and depth perception

  • Full-featured student station with real controls matching the actual equipment

  • After Action Review Application for training session feedback

  • 4k high resolution visual system

  • Optional Instructor station for monitoring and controlling training sessions

  • Instructor station includes GlobalSim’s Scenario Editor which allows adminstrators to create unlimited number of custom exercises

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