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GlobalSim Ship Pedestal Crane

GlobalSim’s Ship Pedestal crane is single-boom crane that provides operator training for lifting and moving loads. Lifting attachments include a spreader for containers, hook for general cargo, and Clamshell for bulk material. Features include full crane dynamic model, collision model, and visual models based on various crane configurations.


  • Variable lifting capacity: configurable up to 100 tons
  • Boom length: 33 meters
  • Maximum boom angle: 87°
  • Fully articulating spreader, clamshell, and rotator hook
  • Various load and trailer types
  • Self-paced training curriculum
  • 3D lesson recording with GlobalSim’s After Action Review

Added functionality with GlobalSim’s Instructor Station

  • Drone view
  • Adjustable crane speeds
  • Adjustable anti-sway
  • Analytics and performance reports
  • Create custom courses with GlobalSim’s Scenario Editor

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