Ship to Shore Crane Simulator (STS)

GlobalSim Ship-to-Shore Crane (STS) Software Model

The STS Crane is one of GlobalSim’s most popular software models and is loaded on our crane simulator in ports and training schools throughout the world. 

GlobalSim has a number of STS models available that vary depending upon the manufacturer of the original equipment and the size and features of the crane model.

The STS is recommended for use on the Advanced or Full Mission simulator but can also be loaded onto the Essential simulator or Intro simulator (with premium controls).


  • Simulation using authentic controls

  • Gantry, trolley, and boom movement at variable speed

  • Various load/unload operations

  • Removable hold covers

  • Fully articulating container spreader

  • Optional quad-lift spreader model

  • Indicator lights shown on spreader and in student cab

  • Unbalanced load indicator / load weight indicator

  • Expandable twin lift

  • Start-up procedures including boom lowering

  • Four flippers controlled individually or collectively

  • Alarm / fault indicators

  • Hook and general cargo capabilities

  • Multiple container and general cargo load types

  • Multiple ship types

  • Realistic mechanical sounds

  • Adjustable (instructor controlled) environmental sounds

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