TOC Europe Showcase in Rotterdam an “Unprecedented Success”

On June 14 the Globalsim’s team in Europe successfully demonstrated the Full Mission simulator at TOC Europe, the premier industry event for port executives, policy makers, and technology solution providers.  On display was a Full Mission System simulating an STS crane. This was the first time that GlobalSim has ever demonstrated a full cabin simulator at any commerical conference and the first time such a system has ever been showcased at a European trade show. “It has been an unprecedented success for us” remarks Brad Ball, GlobalSim’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “The timing and logistics worked out perfectly. This system is not portable and it takes a considerable amount of planning and effort to transport a full cabin system to a trade show on a different continent. In this case, the simulator was purchased by the OCHA training center in Antwerp, Belgium and the installation and commissioning will take place immediately after the TOC event.  Our team was able to work out to logistics so we could bring the system to the TOC exhibit, then arrange for transporting it to Antwerp immediately following the trade show.  Much of the credit goes to our team who put in some long hours and worked out many of the details to make this happen.” Jonathan McCurdy, GlobalSim President remarks “there’s been a lot of people that have jumped into the simulator for a demonstration this week – we’ve seen a lot of foot traffic.  This is the first time many people have seen what a proper full-cabin simulator looks like. There’s a significant difference between this system and the mid-range simulator that are typically on display at a tradeshow. Many of these people are experiencing a full cabin simulator for the first time.” The trade show and exhibit will conclude June 16. The system will be transported and set up in Antwerp over the following 3 days and is expected to be operational and ready for training by Monday, June 20.