Happy Holidays: 2022 Year In Review

GlobalSim wishes all a Merry Christmas and joyous holiday season.  



GlobalSim Contracts with the US Navy to build 2 Advanced Simulators. These flagship systems will feature a 6 DOF motion platform and the latest virtual reality technology. When installed, these systems will train naval operators on multiple different types of cranes and equipment. The systems will be completed and installed in 2023. 


GlobalSim sees continued success with Bridge and Overhead Crane simulators and exhibits at the AISTech Exposition in Pittsburgh, PA. “We now have a variety of clients in the steel industry. Our virtual reality simulators are popular with steel plants, automotive manufacturers and other industrial companies that use overhead cranes.  We have a number of clients in this industry and there’s a good demand for our simulators” remarks GlobalSim President, Jonathan McCurdy.


On June 14 – 16, Globalsim’s team in Europe successfully demonstrated the Full Mission simulator at TOC Europe trade conference – a premier industry event. This was the first time that GlobalSim has ever demonstrated a full cabin simulator at any commerical conference and the first time such a system has ever been showcased at a European trade show. “It has been an unprecedented success for us” remarks Brad Ball, GlobalSim’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.


Over the summer, GlobalSim delivered a Full Mission Simulator to Ponce, Puerto Rico.  The simulator has functionality to train equipment operators on Ship-to-Shore Cranes standard Crane model and Gottwald 360E Mobile Jib Crane model. The Ponce system also  includes a proprietary motion base that will provide accurate full-cab motion and haptics specific to each crane model.


GlobalSim announces it has been working with South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) to deliver two new Full Mission Simulators to Charleston, South Carolina. One system was installed in early 2022, the second was delivered in October. Both new systems feature a full cabin motion base, integrated virtual reality, and various customizations specific to SCPA, including ergonomic Brieda controls sourced from Italy.


GlobalSim hosted the 2022 Conference on October 10-13 in the Salt Lake City area and Sundance, Utah, USA. Over 50 people representing institutions in over 12 countries participated in the event. Multiple educational sessions were held and participants were able to test and demo various GlobalSim simulators during the open house event. A recap of one of the more popular panel discussions titled “5 Secrets of Successful Training Centers” is available online.